Legal Notices

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This page NOT intended to be a complete list of all our legal notices

Constitution of the Show

We are bound by the terms of our constitution which can only be defined, modified and amended by a vote taken at our public AGM.

Download the Show Constitution (PDF)

Payments and Deposits

Monies received in advance for stalls and services will generally be non-refundable, except in special circumstances and then at the discretion of the show committee.

Credit Policy

We do not offer credit facilities. All payments MUST be received by the due dates as advertised in the schedule or notified to you by the show committee.

Information Security and Confidentiality

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations you may download our statement here

Data Protection Policy (PDF)

In short...

When you supply personal information to us we will not divulge that information to anyone else for any other purpose. All messages and communications sent to the Show committee will remain confidential to the committee unless you expressly authorise us to share it, and only then to those people you specify.

Confidential personal information such as your email address, password and phone number are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard as used by the US government. Therefore even if our database got into the wrong hands, your personal information would be safe.

Competition Entries

All paper-based entries have to be manually entered by us into the online entry system. We therefore do not accept responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of competition entries submitted to us on paper.

Entries submitted online can be modified up to the official deadline date which will be displayed online. Confirmation emails will be sent when an entry is submitted or modified. It is the entrant's responsibility to check this thoroughly as mistakes cannot normally be rectified on the Show day.

Download the competition rules (PDF)

Competition Prize Money

Winners of competition prizes are responsible for collection of their awards. Payments will be made on production of the prize certificate.

Stall Insurance

Each stall must have its own public liability insurance. Whilst we do not recommend any particular insurance policy, we are aware that a number of our stallholders are members of the National Market Traders Federation which provides insurance as part of its membership. A copy of your insurance must be provided at the time of booking.

Health and Safety

All providers (food suppliers, stalls and events) are required to take any necessary steps to ensure the safety of all attendees at the show. For this purpose we may require providers to complete a short safety questionnaire to confirm that they are compliant.

View the Safety Confirmation Form

Requesting Support Via the Contact Form

Any communication by email from a member of the committee must be treated as representing the opinion of that member unless it has been approved by the whole committee or published in the official Show Schedule.

Email communication from us is not spam

One of our most frequent support issues is advising customers that their registration details are in their spam folder.

There may be occasions where internet criminals could conduct mass-mailing campaigns using falsified "" return addresses in the email headers. Most service providers accept that this sort of mailing is in no way connected to the apparent sender. has never and will never send bulk communications to anyone unless they are directly related to the Show.


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