The 2019 Show will be held on Saturday 7th September

Stone and Silsden Meadows, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4QF (South of Pheasant Hill).

Get Involved In The Show Organisation

With so much work going on over the coming months to prepare for this year's Show, the Chalfont St Giles Show Committee is welcoming help from any volunteers wishing to get involved and make a difference. Without the help from just a select few people in the village, the Show that is put on for everyone else would cease to be. So get involved and pull off the village event of the year!! There are TWO ways in which you can join our team depending on your time constraints and and flexibility. Please find details of these two roles in the descriptions below:

Become a Committee Member Join our Show Committee!
There are so many ways in which you can help this year's Show. Obviously, for those fully prepared to tackle the problems that arise in preparing for the Show, and who fancy a challenging yet highly rewarding position, then a place on the Show Committee is just for you. This would require adopting a position of responsibility, and full control over your "section" of the Show - although for some of the larger tasks you may be working with additional Committee members. A position on the Committee is a tough and demanding role, and requires persistence and willingness on your behalf in order for your role to be a success.

You should also expect to attend occasional Committee meetings throughout the year, and expect this to increase considerably in the run up to the Show. The position is hard work, but also the most rewarding role you could possibly take on. Committee members are recognised throughout the village all year round, and consistently thanked for their hard work and dedication in pulling off such great events.

If you are considering applying, to be a committee member, please use our contact page to request more information.

Be a Show Angel
Become a Volunteer Helper! With the Committee organising and controlling a vast proportion of the work involved with setting up the Show, they cannot unfortunately do everything. The rest is down to our many volunteers who pull together in the run up to Show day and help out wherever possible. If you would like to get involved with organising this year's Show, but feel that a position on the Committee may be too demanding/time consuming for you, then this is the way to help us. Volunteers are not obliged to attend meetings prior to the Show. They are required to be willing to take on any tasks a Committee member may assign.

Typical roles may include showground setup, helping on a stall, managing the gates and traffic flow, marshalling the visitors or organising parking on the day. These are just a few of the things which need sorting out every year, but there are plenty of other ways in which we could use your help too. People who are interested in a volunteer role should be prepared to help with anything.

If you are thinking about applying to be a volunteer, please use our contact page to let us know.

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