The 2019 Show will be held on Saturday 7th September

Stone and Silsden Meadows, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4QF (South of Pheasant Hill).

Division M: Honey Show
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This division does NOT allow you to register online.

Please refer any queries in this division to Bill Fisher - Tel: 07973 626464
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  1. All exhibits must be submitted and staged between 08:30 and 09:45. Judging will commence at 10:00 promptly.
  2. On arrival, exhibitors must register their entries with the steward and affix to each entry the labels supplied by the steward, as follows:
       Jars (honey/mead/wine) - about half an inch (12mm) from the bottom.
       Frames - top of frame with duplicate on showcase, top right hand corner.
       Cut comb - on the lid with duplicate on one side of the container.
       Cake - one on cake with duplicate on plate.
       Beeswax - one on wax with duplicate on display plate/dish.
  3. Extracted honey must be exhibited in clear matching 11b BS pattern squat jars (lot nos. may be ignored) with lacquered screw caps (with run plastic seals, not wads). Honey colour will be assessed by means of BS filters (available for use on day of Show). Frames must be submitted in the showcase. Showcases may be borrowed from the Society. Cut comb in standard 8oz rectangular containers.
  4. Exhibits may not be removed until permitted by the steward.
  5. Classes 7 and 18 single jar: These classes are judged on flavour only. Sleeve to cover the jar will be supplied by the show steward
  6. All entries to classes 1-11 and 16-19 shall be the produce of the entrant's own hives.
  7. British Beekeepers' Association Rules apply.

Available Cups

Showler Cup Winner of class M1
Centenary Tankard Winner of class M2
Chalfonts Cup Winner of class M3
Jones Cup Winner of class M4
Ronny Mitchell Trophy Winner of class M5
Ian Grant Memorial Salver Winner of class M15
Allen Mitchell Trophy Best Exhibit by a beginner
The Welford Cup Best wax exhibit in the show

Class Descriptions

Standard Classes

M1 Two jars of light honey
M2 Two jars of medium honey
M3 Two jars of dark honey
M4 Two jars of naturally set not stirred honey
M5 Two jars of soft-set/creamed honey
M6 Three jars of honey as offered for retail sale - see note 5 in rules
M7 One jar - run honey, judged on aroma and flavour only - see note 6 in rules
M8 One frame of honeycomb to show the work of the honeybee, filled and capped
M9 One cut comb, net weight (27-30grams)
M10 Six 1oz blocks of beeswax (27-29grams)
M11 One cake of beeswax 7-9oz (200-250grams)
M12 3 identical dipped/moulded natural beeswax candles, mounted and ready to light
M13 3 home-produced items containing honey or beeswax, both to be represented. Items to be labelled. Suggestions: Chutney, Conserves, Honey drink (not mead), Sweets, Potions, Cosmetics, Polish, Furniture Cream, Wax Flowers or decorative exhibits made substantially with beeswax, including Encaustic Art
M14 Honey Lemon Curd. (1lb to be displayed) The recipe for this Class will be found on this page
M15 Honey Cake. The recipe for this Class will be found on this page Plate and wrapper supplied by the steward.

Chalfont Beekeepers Beginners (Past/Present Year Only) Classes:

M16 One jar - run honey.
M17 One jar - Naturally set not stirred honey.
M18 One jar - run or set honey, judged on aroma and flavour only. See note 6 in rules.
M19 Two 1oz blocks of beeswax (27-30grams).
M20 One Candle made by any method.

Open Classes

M21 2 Identical Decorative Rolled Beeswax Candles, no flammable decoration

Application Information

Application for this division is not available online. Please refer any queries in this division to Bill Fisher - Tel: 07973 626464

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