The 2019 Show will be held on Saturday 7th September

Stone and Silsden Meadows, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4QF (South of Pheasant Hill).

Adult Division D: Floral Art
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Please refer any queries in this division to Rosemary McGowan 01280 812609

PRIZES:     1st: £3:00  ~  2nd: £2:00  ~  3rd: £1:00

Points to note for entrants:

  1. An exhibit is composed of natural plant material (NPM) with or without accessories.
  2. Bases and drapes are permitted, niches not provided.
  3. Stems of fresh plant material must be in water or water retaining material e.g. oasis, but may be out of water if they will remain turgid for the duration of the show (e.g. Phormium, Bear Grass, Aspidistra etc).
  4. Artificial plant material is not permitted. Dried or preserved material is allowed.

Available Cups

BLAA Cup Sponsored by Yaldens BLAA member accumulating the most points across all adult classes
Chiltern Florist Cup Winner of Class 402
Irene Fox Challenge Cup Winner of Class 401
Jenny Yule Cup Winner of Class 405
Marston Cup Winner of Class 404

Class Descriptions

Subdivision A: General

401 ‘On Parade’ – an exhibit. Staging Space 90 cm wide by 60 cm deep. Adult
402 “It’s carnival time” staging space 76 cm wide x 60 cm deep Adult
403 “Making merry” an arrangement in a cocktail or wine glass not to exceed 25 cm in any direction Adult
404 “Masquerade” An exhibit. Staging Space 70cm wide x 60 cm deep Adult
405 “Fiesta” 30 x 30cm small arrangement using flowers from the garden or supermarket flowers not to exceed £5 in value Adult

Please note the allowed sizes of the following classes

Class 401 - 90cm wide X 60cm deep

Class 402 - 75cm w X 60cm

Class 404 - 70cm w X 60 cm d

Class 405 - 70cm w X 60cm d

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