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Adult Division B: Flowers & Plants
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Please refer any queries in this division to Briony Wickenden - Email: horticulture@csgshow.org
A limited number of vases will be available for entries in this division

We would prefer you to enter online as it saves us a lot of time on the day. However, if you must enter with a paper entry, then a pdf document of the Show Schedule containing competition classes and entry forms may be downloaded from here

PRIZES:     1st: £3:00  ~  2nd: £2:00  ~  3rd: £1:00

Available Cups

Allied Dunbar Trophy Most outstanding exhibit in Classes 201- 229 inclusive
Banksian Medal Highest total of points in horticultural classes A & B inclusive(excl classes 150-153). Last year's winner not eligible
BLAA Cup Sponsored by Yaldens BLAA member accumulating the most points across all adult classes
Corbett Challenge Rose Bowl Most points in flower classes 201 - 229
CSG Gardens Association Trophy CSG Gardens Association Member with most points in Division B
Hall-King Cup Most points in Rose Class 215
Olde Post House Shield Winner of Class 239
Stratton Cup Most points in Divisions A and B - CSG Gardens Association only

Class Descriptions

Subdivision A: Annuals & Herbaceous Flowers

201 Vase of Double Asters, 3 blooms Adult
202 Vase of Single Asters, 3 blooms Adult
203 Vase of Zinnias, 3 blooms Adult
204 Vase of African Marigolds, 3 blooms Adult
205 Vase of Rudbeckia, 5 blooms Adult
206 Vase of Michaelmas Daisies Adult
207 Collection of 3 kinds of annual flowers (in separate containers) 3 stems of each Adult
208 Vase of Gladioli, 3 spikes Adult
209 NOVICE CLASS: Vase of Flowers, 2 mixed colours, maximum 6 stems Adult
For exhibitors who have not won a 1st prize in this division at previous Chalfont St. Giles Shows
210 Vase of 3 kinds of hardy perennial flowers, named if possible, (excluding trees and shrubs) Adult
211 Vase of 3 kinds of flowering, berried or foliage shrubs, named if possible Adult
212 Flowers from my garden: a container of mixed flowers Adult

Subdivision B: Roses

213 1 Specimen Bloom, 1 variety, own foliage Adult
214 Cluster Flower, 1 stem of any variety Adult
215 Bowl of large flowered blooms, 1 or more varieties, 6-12 blooms, own foliage Adult
Hall-King Cup
216 Vase of 3 large flowered blooms, single bloom on individual stem Adult
217 3 stems of Roses each bearing a number of blooms, 1 or more varieties Adult
218 NOVICE CLASS: Vase of 3 blooms, any variety Adult
For exhibitors who have not won a 1st prize in the Rose Classes at previous Chalfont St. Giles Shows

Subdivision C: Dahlias

219 1 Specimen, large or giant bloom, over 20cm Adult
220 3 medium decorative blooms up to 22 cm Adult
221 3 small or miniature decorative blooms up to 17 cm Adult
222 3 medium Cacti or semi-Cactus blooms up to 22 cm Adult
223 3 small Cacti or semi-Cactus blooms up to 17 cm Adult
224 5 Pompom blooms, not exceeding 5 cm Adult
225 3 blooms, any other type of Dahlia not specified above, type to be named Adult
226 NOVICE CLASS: 2 Decorative Dahlia blooms Adult
For exhibitors who have not won a 1st prize in the Dahlia Classes at previous Chalfont St. Giles Shows

Subdivision D: Chrysanthemums

227 3 Blooms, 1 variety, disbudded Adult
228 3 sprays, not disbudded Adult
229 3 blooms of any kind, disbudded, may be mixed Adult

Subdivision E: Plants In Containers

230 1 Begonia, grown for flowers 20cm pot maximum Adult
231 1 Begonia, grown for foliage 20cm pot maximum Adult
232 1 Fuchsia, named 20cm pot maximum Adult
233 1 Pot Pelargoniums 20cm pot maximum Adult
234 1 pot any flowering or berried plant 20cm pot maximum Adult
235 1 pot any other foliage plant 20cm pot Maximum Adult
236 Container of 4 different pot plants, 2 foliage and 2 flowering Adult
(maximum container size 30cm)
237 Container of 3 different flowering plants Adult
238 An exhibit of Cacti and/or Succulents Adult
Maximum size of exhibit 60cm x 60cm Each specimen to be in an individual pot
239 1 Hanging Basket or hanging container (not to exceed 37.5cm diameter) Adult
240 Pot grown African Violet 10cm pot maximum Adult
241 1 Pot of Orchids in flower Adult
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